Where Rose Knowledge Blossoms: The Gardeners’ Ultimate Guide to Roses.


Search 1800+ meticulously catalogued roses.

Identify species you’re already growing or would like to grow and bookmark them into your own collection.

Detailed specifications; registration and growth characteristics
✓ Growing health information to determine region & climate fit
✓ Stunning exclusive illustrations capture a likeness of each rose

Learn about roses and how they are classified.

Embark on a botanical journey into the captivating world of roses, an extraordinary perennial flowering plant, scientifically known as Rosa.

Species roses are the ancestors of all roses, dating back 2000 years
Old Garden roses were cultivated and introduced before 1860
Modern roses are those introduced after 1860

Rose knowledge by region.

Discover your country’s claim to fame in the world of roses.

History and influence on society by region and by country.
Information on key rose species originating by country.


Quick tips to get started with landscaping and gardening with roses at home.


Show your roses or view a directory of rose exhibitions from around the world.


Learn about the symbolism and meaning that roses have in events/ moments.


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