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Pimpinellifoliae roses, also known as the Burnet roses, are a group of wild roses that are native to Europe and Asia. These roses are very hardy and disease-resistant, making them a popular choice for gardeners who want a low-maintenance plant. They are also known for their small, single, white or pink flowers with a strong, sweet fragrance and their attractive foliage that turns red or yellow in the fall.

The Pimpinellifoliae roses are named after the genus Pimpinella, which is a type of herb that has similar foliage to these roses. This group of roses includes several popular varieties, such as the Rosa spinosissima, also known as the Scots rose, and the Rosa pimpinellifolia, also known as the Burnet rose.

These roses are often used in landscaping as hedges or groundcovers, but can also be trained to grow as climbers or shrubs. They are particularly well-suited for coastal gardens due to their salt tolerance, and are a popular choice for cottage gardens and naturalized areas.


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