Climbing Hybrid Tea (Cl HT)

Climbing Hybrid Tea roses are a popular category of climbing roses that share the same characteristics as their bush-form Hybrid Tea counterparts, including large, high-centered blooms that grow on long, sturdy stems. However, as climbing roses, they have a vigorous growth habit, making them ideal for training on trellises, fences, and walls.

Climbing Hybrid Tea roses come in a wide range of colors, from white to pink to red, and many have a strong fragrance. They require regular pruning to maintain their shape and promote new growth, but when properly cared for, they can grow to be quite large, often reaching heights of 10 to 12 feet.

Some popular Climbing Hybrid Tea roses include ‘America’, ‘Altissimo’, and ‘Joseph’s Coat’. These roses are prized for their stunning blooms, which can provide a striking accent to any garden or landscape.


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