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Synstylae roses are a group of roses that are characterized by their unique and distinct floral structures. They are named after the Greek word “synstylos,” which means “with connate styles,” referring to their fused styles.

This group includes several different species and cultivars, all of which share the characteristic fused styles. The flowers of these roses are typically very showy and come in a range of colors, including white, pink, red, and yellow.

Due to their unique floral structure, Synstylae roses have been the subject of much scientific research, particularly in the fields of genetics and evolution. They are also widely cultivated and appreciated for their beauty and ornamental value.

In addition, Synstylae roses have also appeared in various works of art, literature, and history. For example, the famous French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was known to have had a special fondness for the Gallica variety of Synstylae roses. They have also been featured in numerous paintings, poems, and other works of art throughout history.


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