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Hybrid Foetida roses are a group of old garden roses that are known for their unique characteristics. These roses are the result of crossing Rosa foetida with other varieties of roses, and they are known for their yellow coloration, as well as their strong fragrance.

Hybrid Foetida roses are typically classified as climbers or shrubs, and they are known for their hardiness and disease resistance. They are also known for their long, arching canes and bright green foliage, which provides an attractive backdrop for their striking blooms.

Some popular varieties of Hybrid Foetida roses include ‘Austrian Copper’, ‘Persian Yellow’, and ‘Harrison’s Yellow’, all of which are prized for their yellow coloration and strong fragrance. These roses have been grown for centuries and have been recognized with numerous awards for their beauty and durability.

Overall, Hybrid Foetida roses are a unique and valuable addition to any garden, with their striking yellow blooms and exceptional hardiness. Their long history and popularity among gardeners make them a true classic in the world of roses.


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