Bourbon (B)

Bourbon roses are a group of old garden roses known for their delicate, fragrant blooms and shrub-like growth habit. Originating from the Île Bourbon (now known as Réunion Island) in the Indian Ocean, these roses are known for their ability to rebloom throughout the growing season, making them popular choices for gardeners.

Bourbon roses have a bushy, vigorous growth habit and can grow up to six feet tall and wide, making them ideal for planting as a focal point or hedge. They are often characterized by their cupped or rosette-shaped blooms in shades of pink, red, and white, with some varieties also featuring a striped or variegated pattern.

One of the most famous breeders of Bourbon roses was Henri Antoine Jacques, who introduced the first Bourbon rose, ‘Rose Edouard’, in 1823. Other notable breeders include Jean-Pierre Vibert, who created the popular ‘Louise Odier’ variety, and Louis-Philippe Noisette, who bred the fragrant ‘Zéphirine Drouhin’ climbing Bourbon rose.

Overall, Bourbon roses are a beautiful and classic choice for any garden, especially for those looking for a shrub rose that offers both beauty and fragrance.


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