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Hybrid Kordessi roses are a group of hybrid roses that are the result of crossing Rosa multiflora with hybrid tea roses. These roses were introduced by the famous German rose breeder Wilhelm Kordes II in the 1950s. They are known for their high resistance to diseases and their ability to bloom repeatedly throughout the growing season.

Hybrid Kordessi roses typically have large, full blooms with a classic hybrid tea shape. The flowers can be single or in clusters and are usually produced on strong, upright canes. The colors of these roses range from pure white to deep red, with many shades of pink and yellow in between.

Some of the most popular varieties of Hybrid Kordessi roses include ‘Super Star’, ‘Super Lady’, ‘Super Excelsa’, and ‘Super Sun’. These roses have won numerous awards for their beauty and performance, including the ADR (Allgemeine Deutsche Rosenneuheitenprüfung) award in Germany.

Overall, Hybrid Kordessi roses are a popular choice for gardeners looking for disease-resistant roses with classic hybrid tea blooms that bloom repeatedly throughout the growing season.


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