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Hybrid Sempervirens roses are a cross between R. sempervirens, a climbing species, and other garden roses. These roses are known for their vigorous growth, often reaching up to 20 feet in height. They have a unique combination of traits from both parent plants, such as the climbing habit and the abundant, colorful blooms of garden roses.

The first Hybrid Sempervirens rose, ‘Félicité et Perpétue’, was introduced in 1828 by French breeder Jacques-Louis Descemet. This cultivar features small, white, double blooms with a delicate fragrance. Since then, other notable varieties of Hybrid Sempervirens have been introduced, such as ‘Alister Stella Gray’, which has yellow blooms and a strong fragrance, and ‘Kiftsgate’, a vigorous climber with white blooms.

Hybrid Sempervirens roses have won numerous awards and recognition for their beauty and resilience. They are often used in landscaping and garden design for their height and abundant blooms, and are well-suited for covering trellises, walls, and fences.


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