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Hybrid Setigera roses are a type of climbing rose that are known for their ability to grow vigorously and produce abundant flowers. They are a hybrid of the native North American species Rosa setigera and other cultivated roses. The flowers of Hybrid Setigera roses are generally small to medium-sized, but are produced in large clusters that create a stunning display. They are also known for their strong fragrance, which can fill the garden with a sweet, musky scent.

One of the most popular varieties of Hybrid Setigera roses is ‘Baltimore Belle’, which was introduced in 1843 by Thomas Hancock, a prominent rose breeder of his time. This rose is known for its ability to produce large, pale pink flowers that bloom repeatedly throughout the growing season. Another popular variety is ‘Prairie Princess’, which was introduced in 1975 by the Canadian breeder Dr. Felicitas Svejda. This rose features bright pink, double flowers and is known for its hardiness and disease resistance.

Overall, Hybrid Setigera roses are a great choice for gardeners who want a vigorous, climbing rose with abundant blooms and a sweet fragrance. They are also known for their hardiness and disease resistance, making them a low-maintenance option for any garden.


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