Climbing Polyantha (Cl Pol)

Climbing polyantha roses are a popular subcategory of the polyantha rose group that are known for their ability to climb and cover fences, trellises, and walls with their profuse blooms. Some of the popular climbing polyanthas include ‘Climbing Pinkie’, ‘Climbing Cecile Brunner’, and ‘Climbing Souvenir de Ste Anne’.

The polyantha roses were first introduced in the late 19th century, and they are believed to have originated from crossing different varieties of small-flowered roses. The polyanthas are known for their small, clustered blooms that typically bloom in large clusters throughout the growing season.

In terms of breeders, the famous rose breeder, Mme. Norbert Levavasseur, is credited with the development of many polyantha varieties, including the iconic ‘Cecile Brunner’ rose. The polyantha rose group has also been recognized by various awards, including the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

Climbing polyantha roses have been especially popular among rose enthusiasts since the mid-20th century. They are admired for their ability to bloom profusely throughout the growing season, their hardiness, and their climbing habit. The climbing polyantha roses have been used in a variety of garden settings, including as climbers on trellises and fences, or as groundcover plants in mixed borders.


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