Moss (M)

Moss roses are a distinctive group of old garden roses that are known for their unique “mossy” growth on the sepals of their buds. They are highly valued for their fragrant and often repeat-blooming flowers, which can range in color from white to deep pink or red.

Moss roses are typically bushy plants with a rounded habit, and can grow to be quite tall if left unpruned. They are well-suited to being grown as a shrub, and can be a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape. They are also highly sought after by rose collectors and enthusiasts due to their historical significance and unique appearance.

One of the most popular varieties of moss rose is the ‘Common Moss’ (Rosa centifolia var. muscosa), which dates back to the 17th century and is believed to be the first variety of moss rose cultivated. Other popular varieties include ‘Crested Moss’, ‘William Lobb’, and ‘Blanche Moreau’.

Moss roses have been grown and prized for centuries, and have been the recipients of numerous awards and accolades. They were especially popular during the Victorian era, and were often featured in elaborate gardens and floral arrangements. Today, they continue to be a beloved and treasured part of the rose world.


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