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Noisette roses are a class of roses that originated in the early 19th century in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. They were bred by John Champney, a rice planter and amateur horticulturist, who crossed the Chinese rose ‘Parsons’ Pink’ with the musk rose ‘Rosa moschata’. The resulting hybrid was named ‘Champneys’ Pink Cluster’, and it became the first Noisette rose.

Noisette roses are known for their delicate beauty and charming fragrance. They are climbers or ramblers, with large clusters of flowers that bloom repeatedly throughout the growing season. The flowers can vary in color from white to shades of pink, yellow, and orange.

The name Noisette comes from Philippe Noisette, a French nurseryman who obtained Champney’s rose and propagated it in France. He then crossbred it with other roses, resulting in a new class of climbing roses that became known as Noisettes.

Today, Noisette roses are still popular with gardeners and rose enthusiasts. Some of the most well-known varieties include ‘Blush Noisette’, ‘Crepuscule’, ‘Maréchal Niel’, and ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’.


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