Climbing Miniflora (Cl Min Fl)

Climbing Minifloras are a charming and delightful type of rose that have become increasingly popular in recent years. These roses are known for their compact, bushy growth habit, as well as their abundance of small, fragrant blooms.

Climbing minifloras are an excellent choice for gardeners who want to add vertical interest to their landscape. They are highly versatile and can be trained to climb trellises, walls, and other structures. Their smaller size makes them perfect for use in containers and smaller gardens.

These roses were first introduced in the mid-20th century and have been bred from miniature roses and climbing roses. They are highly prized for their compact growth habit, disease resistance, and long bloom period. Many climbing minifloras have won awards for their exceptional beauty and performance, including the prestigious All-America Rose Selections award.

Some popular climbing minifloras include ‘Climbing Miniature’, ‘Climbing Pinkie’, and ‘Jeanne Lajoie’. With their delicate, sweetly scented blooms and easy-to-grow nature, climbing minifloras are a wonderful addition to any garden.


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