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Boursalt roses are a group of Old Garden roses that originated in France in the early 19th century. These roses are known for their climbing habit and large, fragrant blooms that appear in early summer. Boursalt roses typically have large, thorny canes and foliage that is dark green and glossy. The flowers of Boursalt roses come in shades of pink, mauve, and purple, and are often cupped or semi-double in form. This group of roses was named after the French village of Boursault, where the first known variety was discovered.

Boursalt roses have been popular among rose enthusiasts for many years, and have been the subject of many breeding programs. One notable cultivar is ‘Paul Transon’, a climbing rose with large, fragrant, pink flowers that was introduced in 1900. Boursalt roses have also been recognized for their beauty and fragrance, with several varieties winning awards from prestigious organizations like the Royal Horticultural Society.


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