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Old garden roses, also known as antique roses, encompass a wide range of roses that were cultivated before the 20th century. While many old garden roses are known for their once-a-year blooming habit, there are also several varieties that are repeat-flowering. These roses typically bloom in clusters throughout the growing season, with a strong flush of blooms in the spring or early summer.

Repeat-flowering old garden roses can be further classified into subcategories such as Bourbon roses, Portland roses, and Tea roses. Some popular repeat-flowering old garden roses include ‘Madame Isaac Pereire’, a Bourbon rose with large, fragrant blooms, ‘Comte de Chambord’, a Portland rose with delicate pink flowers, and ‘Mme. Lombard’, a Tea rose with apricot-colored blooms.

Many of these repeat-flowering old garden roses were introduced in the 19th century by renowned breeders such as Jean-Baptiste André Guillot and Henri Lédéchaux. Over the years, these roses have been celebrated for their rich history, captivating fragrances, and enduring beauty. Today, many old garden roses are still highly prized by gardeners and rose enthusiasts around the world.


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