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About Me

Hello, I’m a Rosarian based in Brisbane, Australia. I adore roses and am constantly looking for ways to expand my collection. This website is a compendium and study guide to the world of roses. Over time I’ll expand its content just as my garden grows. Wishing you all sunshine and showers to keep that garden growing.

May your blooms brightly blossom, Rach.

Website Features

  • Find and bookmark your own collection of roses.
  • Easy to navigate and aligned to international standards.
    • A clear hierarchy of information based on international genus structure.
    • Detailed category descriptions of each genus in the structure.
    • Well-structured data template system for rosarians per cultivar specifications.
  • Learn about specific cultivars with simple and direct data points.
    • Clear and concise cultivar summary outlining main points of specifications used to commonly identify in the garden.
    • Detailed information on the anatomy and specifications of the plant, including its registration/introduction history, characteristics of flower and foliage and health indicators including USDA zone mapping to determine if it may grow well in your garden.
    • researched by cross-referencing a variety of industry sources.
  • Elegant vintage-inspired aesthetic with purchase options for illustrations from our store.
    • IN PROGRESS – Library of illustration hand drawn for the rose.directory website as core focal points to represent each cultivar.
    • Shop available to purchase the designs by printing them on apparel, homewares and more! Visit the store to purchase items.
  • Topics of information on the world of roses to expand knowledge beyond just plants themselves.
    • Regional Culture and history
    • Landscaping – designing your perfect garden to be inclusive of roses.
    • Growing – tips and tricks for the successful growth of roses in your garden.
    • Showing – displaying your roses at shows or visiting shows around the world.
    • Symbolism – how roses can be used to represent meaning throughout the world.

Features under review for the future include;

  • Definitions of key terms for rosarians
  • Improved regional culture and history library with information on common varieties originating from each country.
  • Care of roses
  • Disease library to look up and resolve problems.
  • Uses of roses
  • Interactive community features (Facebook comments, ratings or rankings system, social media pages)