White Knight, Climbing

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Registration & Introduction

Registered Name:White Knight, Climbing
Cultivar Group: Climbing Hybrid Tea (Cl HT)
Breeder/ Raiser Name:Komatsu
Registration Year:1959
Country Of Origin:undefined country of origin
Introduction/s:Introduced in France by URS (Universal Rose Selection)-Meilland in 1965 as ‘Climbing Message’. Introduced in Australia by Treloar Roses in 1967 as ‘Climbing Message’.
Registration and introduction information for the rose cultivar of White Knight, Climbing.


Flower Color:white
Flower Fragrance:undefined fragrance
Petal Structure:undefined petal structure
Bloom Shape:undefined bloom shape
Bloom Size:large
Bloom Repeat:repeat flower
Growth Habit:climbing
Growth Height:medium
Growth Width:medium
Characteristics of growth to identify the rose cultivar of White Knight, Climbing.


Disease Resistance:unknown disease resistance
Cold Hardiness:unknown cold hardiness
USDA Zone:unknown USDA zone classification
Shade Tolerance:unknown shade tolerance
Health information to match planting conditions suitable for growing the the rose cultivar of White Knight, Climbing.