Mlle Jeanne Lenail

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Registration & Introduction

Registered Name:Mlle Jeanne Lenail
Cultivar Group: Polyantha (Pol)
Breeder/ Raiser Name:André (aka Schwartz Fils) Schwartz
Registration Year:1924
Parentage: Mme Taft
Country Of Origin:France
Introduction/s:Introduced in Australia by Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd. in 1926 as ‘Mademoiselle Jeanne Lenail’.
Registration and introduction information for the rose cultivar of Mlle Jeanne Lenail.


Flower Color:bright red
Flower Fragrance:undefined fragrance
Petal Structure:double, 16-25 petals in three or more rows
Bloom Shape:undefined bloom shape
Bloom Size:large
Bloom Repeat:flower
Growth Habit:shrub
Growth Height:medium
Growth Width:medium
Characteristics of growth to identify the rose cultivar of Mlle Jeanne Lenail.


Disease Resistance:unknown disease resistance
Cold Hardiness:unknown cold hardiness
USDA Zone:unknown USDA zone classification
Shade Tolerance:unknown shade tolerance
Health information to match planting conditions suitable for growing the the rose cultivar of Mlle Jeanne Lenail.