Mid Pink Cupped Rose Bloom Full 26-40 Petals In 3+ Rows

Rose Edouard

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Registration & Introduction

Registered Name:Rose Edouard
Cultivar Group: Bourbon (B)
Breeder/ Raiser Name:unknown
Registration Year:
Country Of Origin:undefined country of origin
Introduction/s:Introduced in France by Henri Neumann in 1824 as ‘Rose Edouard’. Introduced in Australia by Camden Park in 1843 as ‘Edwardsii’.
Registration and introduction information for the rose cultivar of Rose Edouard.


Flower Color:mid pink
Flower Fragrance:medium fragrance
Petal Structure:full, 26-40 petals in three or more rows
Bloom Shape:cupped
Bloom Size:5.08cm (2 inches)
Bloom Repeat:repeat flower
Growth Habit:shrub
Growth Height:2m (6.6ft)
Growth Width:medium
Characteristics of growth to identify the rose cultivar of Rose Edouard.


Disease Resistance:unknown disease resistance
Cold Hardiness:high cold hardiness
USDA Zone:5b (-15 to -10 °F/-26.1 to -23.3 °C), 6a (-10 to -5 °F/-23.3 to -20.6 °C), 6b (-5 to 0 °F/-20.6 to -17.8 °C), 7a (0 to 5 °F/-17.8 to -15 °C), 7b (5 to 10 °F/-15 to -12.2 °C), 8a (10 to 15 °F/-12.2 to -9.4 °C), 8b (15 to 20 °F/-9.4 to -6.7 °C), 9a (20 to 25 °F/-6.7 to -3.9 °C), 9b (25 to 30 °F/-3.9 to -1.1 °C), 10a (30 to 35 °F/-1.1 to 1.7 °C), 10b (35 to 40 °F/1.7 to 4.4 °C)
Shade Tolerance:unknown shade tolerance
Health information to match planting conditions suitable for growing the the rose cultivar of Rose Edouard.


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About This Rose

History and Characteristics

Cultivar Rose Edouard is a highly valued mid pink Bourbon (B) shrub rose with a strong fragrance that was first bred by French hybridizer Jean-Baptiste Guillot in 1863. It is one of the most cherished roses by enthusiasts and gardeners due to its rich cultural heritage and exceptional beauty. Rose Edouard is a cross between a Tea Rose and a China Rose, creating its uniquely distinct Bourbon characteristic. Its blooms are medium to large in size, with a soft pink hue and ruffled petals that give it an elegant and feminine look. The flowers are highly fragrant, with a sweet and spicy scent that is sure to delight the senses.

The plant is also known for its high resistance to diseases, making it a popular choice for rose growers and landscapers. It can be easily trained to climb on walls, trellises, or fences, adding a touch of romance and charm to any garden or outdoor space.

Cultural Significance

Cultivar Rose Edouard has played an important role in art and literature, inspiring artists and writers for centuries. In France, it is a symbol of love and romance, and has been featured in numerous paintings, poems, and novels, including “The Rose Garden” by Maurice Maeterlinck, “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas, and “The Flowers of Evil” by Charles Baudelaire.

The rose has also been associated with various historical figures, including Empress Eugénie de Montijo, wife of Napoleon III, who was known for her love of roses and patronage of the arts. She had a special fondness for Cultivar Rose Edouard and often used it in her arrangements and gardens.

Awards and Recognition

Cultivar Rose Edouard has received numerous awards and recognition for its exceptional beauty and performance. In 1864, it won the Gold Medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, cementing its reputation as one of the finest roses of its time. It also received the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit in 1993, and was designated as a Classic Shrub Rose by the Royal National Rose Society in 2006.

In Summary

Cultivar Rose Edouard is a beautiful and fragrant mid pink Bourbon shrub rose with a rich cultural heritage and exceptional beauty. It has inspired artists and writers for centuries and has been associated with historical figures and important events. Its high resistance to diseases, ease of cultivation, and stunning blooms make it a popular choice for rose enthusiasts and gardeners around the world. Its awards and recognition cement its place as one of the finest roses of all time.