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The rose has a rich history in Indonesia, and its profound significance is apparent in the country’s vibrant culture. The country has a diverse range of rose species that are thriving in gardens, landscapes, and traditional medicines.

It was during the Dutch colonial era that the rose arrived in Indonesia. Soon after, this flower became a popular ornamental plant. The Dutch brought many different types of roses from Europe to Indonesia and established many rose gardens in the country. The people not only cultivate roses for their beauty, but also for their use in perfumes, medicines, and culinary arts.

In Indonesian culture, the rose has several symbolic meanings. It commonly symbolizes love, passion, and romance, and it is a popular gift to express these emotions. Due to the rose’s various symbolic meanings, Indonesians often use these flowers in religious ceremonies and festivals.

The most common species of rose in Indonesia is the Rosa damascena, which is a main ingredient in making rose oil and rose water. Traditional Indonesian medicine utilizes these products to address a variety of ailments, such as stomach problems, headaches, and insomnia. Rose oil is also prominent in traditional Indonesian perfumes and is famous for its sweet, floral scent.

In addition to their medicinal and aromatic properties, roses are also used in Indonesian cuisine. The Rosa rugosa species is a key ingredient in making rose jam, which is a popular topping for bread and cakes. Rose petals are also used to make a traditional Indonesian drink called sekoteng, which is made from ginger, palm sugar, and other ingredients.

Roses are also a popular plant for landscaping and gardening in Indonesia. The country has a wide variety of species that are suitable to the tropical climate, including the Rosa chinensis, Rosa multiflora, and Rosa gigantea. These species are generally present in public parks and private gardens and people appreciate them for their beauty and fragrance.

The rose has played an important role in the vibrant culture of Indonesia for centuries and continues to be an important part of the country’s history. Its beauty, fragrance, and versatility have made it a beloved plant throughout Indonesia. Surely, it will remain an important part of the country’s culture for generations to come.

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country shape flag for history & culture of the rose in Indonesia


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