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The history of the rose in North Korea can be traced back to ancient times when it was used in traditional medicine and to make perfume. The flower has also played a part in religious and cultural ceremonies, including weddings and funerals. In the 20th century, the rose became even more important as a symbol of the country’s spirit and socialist ideals. This article explores the relevance of the rose and its influence on the history, culture, art, and literature of North Korea.

One of the most notable references to the rose in North Korea is as a symbol of the country’s leaders. The rose is often associated with the Kim family, and it is common to see images of roses alongside portraits of the leaders in public spaces.

The rose is an important part of North Korea’s horticulture industry. The country has several rose gardens and greenhouses where researchers and horticulturists grow and study. The Pyongyang Rose Institute, for example, is a research center dedicated to the study of roses and their cultivation.

In 2018, North Korea participated in international rose exhibitions. They even showcased these flowers at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in London. The country’s roses received praise for their unique colors and shapes. Some regarded the exhibit as a sign of North Korea’s growing interest in international horticulture.

Despite the rose’s cultural and political significance in North Korea, the flower is not common in daily life. Generally, people only give roses as a gift on special occasions like weddings, and birthdays, rather than using them for decorations or as a food ingredient.

In conclusion, the rose has a long and rich history in North Korea, and its significance and influence on the country’s culture and politics continue to be relevant today. Whether as a symbol of the country’s leaders or as a part of its horticulture industry, the rose remains an important cultural icon in North Korea.

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country shape flag for history & culture of the rose in North Korea


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