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In Finland, the rose has a profound importance intertwined with the nation’s history and culture. Traditionally cherished for their elegance and fragrance, roses often play a role in expressing love and affection in Finnish culture. Whether adorning gardens or serving as heartfelt gifts, roses have become a timeless emblem of romance and appreciation in the Finnish cultural landscape.

Historical Roots

The history of roses in Finland dates back to ancient times when these blooms were revered for their beauty and fragrance. Today, Finland embraces rose cultivation, adding charm to its landscapes. After the spread of Christianity into the country in the twelfth century, rose varieties were assumed to have been cultivated in monastery gardens in the country’s southern and eastern parts for their medicinally used petals, bark, and hips. Some were planted along the coastlines to somehow obstruct the incoming intruders. However, gardens fell into ruins by the end of the seventeenth as wars, sickness, and famine destroyed the land. Eventually, horticulture practices returned as early as 1750 when several people cultivated roses in their gardens consequently leading to a blooming industry. Today, Finland is home to a large number of wild and cultivated rose varieties that adapted to the country’s extreme climate.

Cultural Significance

Roses hold profound cultural significance in Finland, symbolizing love, beauty, and tradition. Adorning weddings and cultural events, roses leave an indelible mark on the nation’s aesthetics. Beyond aesthetics, roses deeply enrich Finnish culture, gracing various cultural events and celebrations. They are an integral part of weddings, symbolizing love and passion and impacting traditions. On the other hand, the tradition of rose-giving between friends on “Friend’s Day” is a custom that started in the 1980s. Finland takes pride in its picturesque rose gardens. The “Botanic Garden Kaisaniemi” in Helsinki is a stunning example, featuring a diverse array of rose varieties.

Economic Impact

Finland’s favorable climate and fertile soil contribute to a thriving rose industry. The country produces high-quality rose products like rose water and edible roses boosting its economic prosperity. Further, Finland also hosts numerous flower gardens housing thousands of roses of different varieties. Tourist attractions such as Meilahti Arboretum, Hatanpää Arboretum and Rose Garden, and Rhododendron Park are perfect examples.

Artistic & Literary Influence

Finnish artists find inspiration in the allure of roses, capturing their elegance in vibrant artworks. Renowned painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela’s masterpiece “Bouquet of Roses” exudes the timeless charm of these flowers.

Finnish poets have penned verses exalting the allure of roses. Inspired by their beauty and symbolism, writers like Eino Leino and Aleksis Kivi have woven roses into their verses, enriching Finnish literature.

Roses in Finland

Finland boasts several indigenous rose varieties, each with its unique charm and fragrance. Among them, the first species to bloom in the country are the Pimpinella roses which survived through the decades. Another one is the “Red Naomi” which is one of the most popular flower gifts on Graduation Day. The hybrid Rosa ‘Tove Jansson’ commonly known as “Moomin Rose” is also a notable variety.


In Finland, the rose continues to hold a cherished place in people’s hearts, embodying love, beauty, and tradition, and shaping history and culture. They remain a muse for artists, poets, and gardeners alike, inspiring creativity and enriching Finnish culture. The story of roses in Finland is one of admiration, romance, and cultural enrichment. From ancient reverence to modern cultivation, roses have left an indelible mark on the nation’s culture and heritage. Cherished in literature, celebrated in festivals, and cultivated for their economic value, the influence of roses continues to blossom, perpetuating its role as a symbol of love, beauty, and cultural pride in the vibrant tapestry of Finnish life.

Roses Originating In Finland

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country shape flag for history & culture of the rose in Finland


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