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From its rich history to its vibrant culture and art, the country of Malta celebrates the allure of the rose. Roses possess exquisite beauty and an enchanting fragrance. Additionally, they have become an integral part of Maltese identity, impacting various facets of life on the islands.


The history of roses in Malta traces back to antiquity, a tale of discovery and admiration. Phoenician traders introduced these splendid blooms to the Maltese shores, igniting a fascination that endures to this day. Over the centuries, the island’s warm climate and fertile soil nurtured a plethora of rose varieties.


Roses in Malta have transcended mere flowers to become powerful symbols. The nation’s emblem proudly features the centifolia rose, an exquisite reminder of the islands’ Roman heritage. Beyond heraldry, roses have permeated Maltese life, symbolizing love, beauty, and resilience. The ‘Mdina’s Flower Festival’ is an annual celebration of Maltese history. Locals and visitors come together to enjoy the splendor of flowers, including roses, showcased through exhibitions, workshops, and parades.

The influence of roses in Malta extends to modern times, touching everything from gardening trends to contemporary art. Local artists like Sarah Maria Scicluna incorporate roses into their works, merging tradition with innovation. Malta’s gardens showcase numerous rose varieties. For instance, the ‘Rambling Rose’ or Rosa banksiae, drapes arches and trellises with abundant yellow blooms.


The economic impact of roses in Malta is substantial. The island’s soil and climate have given rise to the famed ‘Malta Rose Oil,’ a coveted ingredient in perfumery and cosmetics. This niche industry has contributed to the local economy and created a platform for sustainable agriculture and employment opportunities.


The captivating essence of roses has inspired Maltese artists and poets throughout the ages. Renowned painter Giuseppe Calì’s masterpiece “The Maltese Girl with a Vase of Roses” stands as a testament to the floral fascination in the islands. This painting, housed in the National Museum of Fine Arts, captures the delicate allure of roses in Maltese culture. In literature, the poetry of Dun Karm Psaila, Malta’s national poet, often weaves the imagery of roses to symbolize love, longing, and the enduring spirit of the Maltese people.

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The Maltese landscape is adorned with a kaleidoscope of rose varieties, each with its story and allure. The ‘Bisazza Rose,’ with its velvety crimson petals, pays homage to the Byzantine heritage of the islands. The ‘Victor Pasmore Rose,’ a delicate fusion of pink and cream hues, is a nod to the renowned British artist who made Malta his home and found inspiration in its natural beauty.


From its origins in ancient trade routes to its modern artistic interpretations, the story of roses in Malta is a tale of beauty, resilience, and cultural fusion. The delicate petals of these blooms have not only graced the islands’ gardens but have also embedded themselves in their very essence. As the sun sets over the Mediterranean horizon, casting a warm glow on the Maltese landscape, the fragrance of roses lingers—a fragrant reminder of the enduring love affair between Malta and its beloved blooms.

In the heart of Malta lies the influence of the rose on its history, culture, economy, art, literature, and everyday life. The flower blossomed into an intricate tapestry that continues to enchant locals and visitors alike. The symbolism of these blooms extends beyond their physical presence, permeating the very spirit of the archipelago. As time marches on, the love for roses in Malta remains as fragrant and vibrant as ever, a living testament to the enduring beauty of nature’s most cherished gift.

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country shape flag for history & culture of the rose in Malta


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