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Nestled in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, Spain unfolds as a land of diverse landscapes and rich heritage. Amidst its enchanting allure, the rose emerges as a symbol in Spain that intertwines with the country’s history, culture, economy, art, literature, and global influence. This captivating flower tells a story that resonates across centuries and captivates the senses.


Spain’s love affair with the rose dates back to when it was brought by the Moors from North Africa. From the lush gardens of Alhambra to medieval courtyards, roses have adorned Spain’s landscapes as symbols of love, passion, and even power. They’ve witnessed the rise and fall of empires, leaving an indelible mark on the nation’s past.

Cultural Significance

Roses have held a cherished place in Spanish culture, celebrated through festivals and traditions. The annual feast of Sant Jordi in Catalonia is a testament to this cultural significance. This day, also known as “El Dia de la Rosa” or (The Day of Books and Roses), is when people, specifically lovers exchange red roses or books as a symbol of love and passion.


Beyond their aesthetic allure, roses significantly impact Spain’s economy. Most of the flowers especially roses are imported from other countries because of production shortages in Spain. Nevertheless, special events like weddings have greatly increased national sales as local florists shifted to online selling.


Spanish art and literature have been profoundly influenced by the allure of roses. The renowned artist Salvador Dalí often included roses in his surrealist works, blending their beauty with his imaginative flair. In poetry, Federico García Lorca’s verses evoke the imagery of roses to convey emotions, adding depth to his compositions. At present, emerging artists like Ksenia Voynich express the beauty and charm of these flowers through her oil paintings.


Spain is home to diverse rose varieties that thrive in its climate. The ‘Old Spanish Rose’ is a hybrid multiflora that is a fragrant double crimson bloom and possibly originated in Spain in the 19th century. Next, the fragrant hybrid tea rose ‘Valencia’ is known for its apricot-to-yellow petals and grows in Valencia or also called “the land of flowers”. Another one is the ‘Spanish Sunset’ which is a hybridized floribunda with vibrant orange and yellow blooms. These roses not only embellish gardens but also embody Spanish pride.


In Spain, the rose transcends its status as a mere flower, embodying a legacy that speaks of the nation’s culture, history, artistic essence, and emotional resonance. As one wanders through Spanish gardens adorned with blooming roses or experiences rose-based products, they’re not just engaging with nature’s beauty. Instead, they’re embracing a story that spans eras and connects people across borders. From historical roots to economic vitality and artistic pursuits, Spain’s affection for roses thrives, inviting the world to partake in its captivating narrative.

Roses Originating In Spain

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country shape flag for history & culture of the rose in Spain


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