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Nestled at the crossroads of Eastern Europe, Ukraine is a land adorned with history and natural splendor. Amidst its diverse tapestry, the rose stands as a poignant emblem, intertwining its roots with the nation’s history, culture, economy, art, literature, and global influence. Ukraine’s love affair with roses tells a tale of resilience and enchantment that captivates hearts across borders.


The introduction of roses into Ukraine is believed to have occurred through trade routes from the Middle East and Asia. The rose’s beauty and fragrance quickly made it a popular ornamental plant among the Ukrainian nobility. Traders during the 18th and 19th centuries imported roses to Ukraine from France and England, valuing them highly for their beauty and fragrance. People frequently used these imported roses to generate new hybrid varieties that better matched Ukraine’s climate and soil.

One of the most significant events in the history of roses in Ukraine was the establishment of the Nikita Botanical Garden in Crimea in 1812. Prince Grigory Potemkin founded this garden, and it became a center for the cultivation of roses and other ornamental plants. The garden played a significant role in developing new rose varieties better adapted to Ukraine’s climate.
Today, roses are an essential part of Ukrainian culture and people use them in various ways. Roses are often given as gifts on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. These flowers are also used in traditional Ukrainian folk medicine for their healing properties.


Roses hold profound cultural significance in Ukraine, celebrated through flower giving on special occasions like Women’s Day and Valentines Day. In general, roses signify love and passion and are commonly exchanged between lovers. However, roses also hold other meanings according to different colors. For example, the classic red rose symbolizes love and respect, white roses reflect innocence and new beginnings, the yellow and apricot blooms represent friendship and gratitude, while pink-shaded roses denote fresh romance.


As early as the 10th century, people have been cultivating the popular flower, the rose, due to its aesthetic and economic value. At that time, Ukrainians grow roses for their medicinal and aromatic properties. However, the rose industry in Ukraine only began to develop in the early 20th century. In fact, the country had its first rose nursery in the city of Uman in 1902, where it specialized in the cultivation of hybrid tea roses.

Over the years, Ukraine established several large rose nurseries and initiated rose breeding programs. The goal was to develop new varieties of roses that would be suitable for the Ukrainian climate and would have good disease resistance. Today, Ukraine is one of the leading producers of roses in Europe. The main centers of rose cultivation are in the regions of Vinnytsia, Kyiv, and Kherson. Moreover, Ukrainian roses are exported to many countries, including Russia, Belarus, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Currently, the rose industry in Ukraine has been facing numerous challenges. The ongoing war with Russia has led to a decline in the production and export of roses. At the same time, the country has been struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the data from The Economist, Ukraine’s economy contracted by 45% in 2022 due to the Russian invasion. The rose industry has been one of the most affected sectors due to the loss of arable land and the destruction of infrastructure. For this reason, the industry needs significant investment and support to recover from the impact of the war and regain its position in the global market.


The rose is also an important symbol in Ukrainian literature and poetry. Many poets have used the flower as a metaphor for love, beauty, and life. The famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko often wrote about roses in his works, describing the flower as a symbol of hope and freedom.
Furthermore, roses are an essential part of Ukrainian folk art, including embroidery, painting, and pottery. The flower’s beauty and elegance have inspired many artists to create stunning works of art.

ROSES OF Ukraine

Ukraine is home to a wide variety of roses, ranging from classic hybrid tea roses to more unique varieties. Some of the major rose varieties found in Ukraine are hybrid teas, floribundas, climbing roses, and shrubs.

  • Hybrid Tea roses are one of the most popular rose varieties in Ukraine. They are known for their large, high-centered blooms and long stems, making them a popular choice for cut flowers. Some of the most popular hybrid tea roses in Ukraine include:
    • Chopin – a classic white rose with a delicate fragrance
    • Queen Elizabeth – a vibrant pink rose with a strong fragrance
    • Mister Lincoln – a deep red rose with a strong fragrance
  • Floribunda roses are another popular variety in Ukraine. They are known for their clusters of smaller blooms and bushy growth habit. Some popular floribunda roses in Ukraine include:
    • Iceberg – a white rose with a slight fragrance that blooms all season long
    • Europeana – a bright red rose with a mild fragrance
    • Sexy Rexy – a pink rose with a strong fragrance
  • Climbing roses are a great option for adding vertical interest to a garden or landscape. They are known for their long canes and ability to climb trellises, walls, and fences. Some popular climbing roses in Ukraine include:
    • New Dawn – a pale pink rose with a strong fragrance
    • Blaze – a bright red rose with a mild fragrance
    • Golden Showers – a yellow rose with a strong fragrance
  • Shrub roses are a hardy and low-maintenance option for gardeners in Ukraine. They are known for their bushy growth habit and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Some popular shrub roses in Ukraine include:
    • Knock Out – a bright pink rose that blooms all season long
    • Bonica – a pink rose with a strong fragrance
    • The Fairy – a light pink rose that blooms all season long

In conclusion, roses symbolize more than just flowers in Ukraine—they embody a cultural legacy that speaks to the nation’s history, creativity, and emotional resonance. As one wanders through Ukrainian gardens adorned with blooming roses or indulges in rose-based products, they’re not merely enjoying nature’s aesthetics. Instead, they’re immersing themselves in a narrative that traverses eras and transcends geographical boundaries. From historical roots to economic vitality and artistic expressions, Ukraine’s affection for roses thrives, inviting the world to participate in its captivating story.

Roses Originating In Ukraine

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country shape flag for history & culture of the rose in Ukraine


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