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Amidst the picturesque windmills, tulip fields, and enchanting canals, the Netherlands holds a special place for roses in its heart. This flower-rich nation’s love affair with the rose stretches across centuries, leaving an aromatic trail through the history, culture, and artistic expressions of the Netherlands. From its economic significance to its influence on art and literature, roses have woven a fragrant tapestry that adds to the charm of the Dutch landscape.


The history of roses in the Netherlands dates back to the 17th century when the Dutch East India Company introduced exotic blooms to Europe. Since then, the Dutch have nurtured roses into a beloved emblem of their rich horticultural heritage, blooming in gardens, markets, and historic sites.


The Dutch celebrate the allure of roses through their Rose Festival which is held every other year in Lottum. On the other hand, Amsterdam holds the Romantic Roses Festival in Keukenhof Gardens. This garden showcases a mesmerizing array of blooms, inspiring locals and visitors alike. Different colors of roses hold significant meanings in Dutch culture. For instance, red roses symbolize love, white is for forgiveness and respect, pink is for friendship, etc. Truly, roses are deeply entrenched in the culture, often gracing weddings and other celebrations as symbols of love and unity.


Roses are more than mere symbols; they are an economic powerhouse. The Netherlands ranks among the top flower-exporting nations globally, with roses playing a significant role. Its iconic flower auctions, such as Aalsmeer’s Royal Flora Holland, pulse with the vibrant trade of roses. As the world embraces sustainability, the Netherlands has innovated its rose cultivation techniques. One of the chief rose growers in the Netherlands is the family-owned business Berg Roses which has been growing roses since 1975. They have been exporting roses internationally, from Moscow to Los Angeles and from Oslo to Singapore.

The rose competition has risen in the past several years, as a result reducing the total number of rose companies in the country. However, the Netherlands has found ways to innovate such as growing roses that are difficult to grow or difficult to transport. The nation’s cutting-edge greenhouses and eco-friendly practices have reduced the environmental footprint of rose production.


From iconic paintings to timeless poems, roses have left their imprint on Dutch art and literature. The works of painters like Vincent van Gogh and Jan van Huysum have immortalized the beauty of roses, while poets like Constantijn Huygens have woven their elegance into verses.

ROSEs of the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, a plethora of rose varieties dance in gardens and landscapes. The “Mata Hari” rose, named after the famed exotic dancer, boasts vibrant red hues. The “Holland Beauty” variety mirrors the nation’s elegance with its soft petals and rich fragrance.


As the sun dips behind the Dutch horizons, the fragrance of roses lingers, a reminder of the nation’s affinity for these blooms. From trading hubs to art studios, the rose is ingrained in the Netherlands’ history and culture, a fragrant legacy that blooms anew with each passing season.

In conclusion, the Netherlands’ relationship with the rose is a story of cultural adoration, economic prowess, and artistic inspiration. As you stroll along its tulip-lined streets and explore its museums, pause to inhale the sweet scent of roses. They encapsulate the Netherlands’ passion for beauty, creativity, and nature’s bounty.

Roses Originating In Netherlands

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country shape flag for history & culture of the rose in Netherlands


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